There’s a Crack in Everything

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohan

cracked iphone

If you are female, you understand the difficulty in finding a place for your phone in your wardrobe if you don’t want to carry a purse.  I’ll spare you the creative places women choose to put their phones, but when we do this, phones must be compact.

I love a trendy new iphone case just like the next girl, and believe me, I have accumulated quite a few, but just recently, I decided to live on the edge and not cover my phone.  I liked the way it fit so perfectly in my hand when uncovered.  I liked the way it would just hide so discreetly anywhere I put it, and to be honest, I couldn’t figure out why everyone was walking around with all of these cracked phones.  I dropped it numerous times and possessed no cracks.  Were these people dancing on their phones?

Then it happened.  I was in a hurry to head out shopping this weekend, and I dropped my phone on the wood floor.  Hard.  It shattered, and it shattered pretty intensely.  Will ran in from the next room because he heard it.  His words still make me laugh…… he just said “Mommy, this just breaks my heart” I couldn’t be upset because deep down, I knew it was my own fault.

I just looked at my phone and could not help but think of how it was art imitating life.  That shattered phone looked just like me.  It was so shattered, the back was almost broken in half.  It continued to shatter each time I touched it.  Some days I feel so much like that phone; I knew God was pleading with me to wake up.  Every crack was reminiscent of some life event, bad choice, wrong direction, unkind word, or just awful mistake I had made in my life. 

Then I looked at my phone and thought about how much good it had done for me.  I thought about how attached I was to it.  I thought about the memories the phone had captured with me.  (I know I’m giving my phone a little too much personification here. You get the point).  I immediately covered my phone and promised myself I would never leave it uncovered again.

God wants to cover us.  He wants to protect us.  The great thing is He still thinks we are beautiful when we aren’t perfect.  He loves our “cracked screens”. He loves us when we are broken.  He wants to be our cover, our shelter, our protection, and I truly think He wants us to remember our shattered lives so we remember how much we need him.

This isn’t about my phone really. It’s about redefining flaws and seeing beauty in what the world sees as ugly or destroyed.  Yes I need a phone cover, but I have decided I want a clear one, one that shows the cracks.  I believe what makes us shine is our struggle, our story, our scars, and if we try to cover that up or protect it in some way, we are not being, we are trying to be.  Maybe if we were all real and authentic about our “broken phones” and “cracked screens”, we would all be a little more authentic about our broken lives.

God loves us and wants to protect us.  The broken us.  The cracked us.  The scarred us.  Everything.  He would have never given so much to protect us if we had the capability of never being able to be broken.  So today I am on a mission to find a very clear phone cover.  And what would my Mother have to say about all of this?  “Let’s go shopping!”



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