Somebody’s Prayin’

“Mighty hands are guiding me to protect me from what I can’t see. Lord, I believe somebody’s praying for me.” – John Elliott

I have thought a lot about the next memory I want to share. I keep going back to one of the last conversations Mother and I had. She knew her time was short. She simply looked at me and said “you have so many people who love you and who will take care of you.” In that moment I knew it gave her great comfort to think of all the people who would be there for me when she was no longer able.

Family bonds have grown closer than ever and friendships have remained true. One of my Mother’s favorite things to do was hear “her girls” sing. She referred to my 3 best friends as “her girls” because they were. They were her girls. All of our parents say that to this day, and I love it. I can’t begin to put into words the bond these girls and I have formed over the past 20 years while singing together. Our busy lives have kept us from singing like we used to, but our friendship has remained constant.

One of my most favorite songs the girls and I sing is an old Ricky Skaggs song called “Somebody’s Prayin”. It is country and not our typical genre. However, when we heard the words to this song, we all sat and cried and talked about how it was the perfect example of the way our parents prayed for us. We all come from strong legacies of faith, and we always knew our parents were praying for us. My Mother LOVED hearing us sing this song.

The girls at Old Market Square July 4th -circa 1995

The girls at Old Market Square July 4th -circa 1995

There are still so many days I don’t have the words or desire to pray. I constantly cling to the message of this song. I still find so much comfort in knowing my parents prayed for me before I was even born. I still find comfort in knowing things are happening that I can’t see to protect me from harm because my parents prayed for that protection!

This video definitely shows its age, but the message will never change. Enjoy this little piece of our music past. And don’t get too excited…. this is NOT vintage Endless Praise.

Somebody’s Prayin’ Video – Ricky Skaggs live

And girls, if you are reading this, can we please sing soon?


One thought on “Somebody’s Prayin’

  1. I love reading your posts it always helps me. Congratulations on your nomination for staff member of the year. You deserve to win! Hope you and your family are having a great summer. Tell Darian I said hello!

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