Favorite Fall Things

Fall.  What makes it so wonderful?  The weather.  The seasonal colors.  A change in daylight.  The anticipation of Christmas.  Pumpkins.  Cider. The excitement of choosing a halloween costume.  The food.  The candy.  Pumpkin Spice coffee.  Pumpkin spice doughnuts. Family gatherings.The list could go on forever, but I want to recall a few things my Mother loved that helped make fall memorable for us.  If I had to pick a top 10 list of her favorite fall things, these would definitely make the list. . .


Aromatique Fragrance – Cinnamon Cider – The staple smell of fall in the King house since at least 1995. Mom usually purchased at Dillards in the Haywood Mall.


Woodwick Candles – Fireside and Pumpkin Butter – She always bought the diffuser sticks for my classroom and the candles for the house. They have this neat crackle sound while they burn. She usually bought these at TC Bearies Hallmark


Mums and pumkins. Moms’ rule: You must group in odd numbers. She usually did groups of 3. Mums and pumkins were usually purchased from Winslett’s Produce.


The Fresh Market. One of Mother’s favorite places. She LOVED their coffee, especially the Pumpkin Spice flavor.


Another favorite from the Fresh Market – Cinnamon Crispies


Now this is the “secret” Mother and I both love to use. We are not fans of what these brooms look like and would typically not use them for decoration. However, they smell so wonderful. We would buy them at Publix then hide them in the house where no one could see them, but everyone could sure smell them. It gave the PERFECT fall smell. We thought of it as our “secret” because we hid them and never told what the “smell” was when someone asked.


Aspen Mulling Spices would give the house a perfect smell of fall.  This is what we used for our cider mix since 1995 (or that is my first memory of it). Mother loved adding a touch of pineapple juice to the mix to make it different.  She usually bought Aspen Mulling Spices at TC Bearies.


Halloween cupcakes – Mom bought  boxed cupcake decorations at Williams Sonoma and we used them to decorate cupcakes the night before Halloween. Mom was all about the presentation of things so she loved this display in this picture.


The halloween gifts – You can see in this picture some of the gifts Mother gave the children on halloween. The gift usually included some sort of clothing, the yearly halloween ghost, goblin, monster, etc from hallmark, and always something with “Charlie Brown pumpkin” on it. You can even see on the TV behind Will that the movie was going. It usually played most hours of the day the week of halloween. Mom loved that.

And the NUMBER 1 thing. . . .

Roasting marshmallows on halloween and giving out candy by the fire at the end of the driveway. Many neighbors do this, and it is like one big neighborhood social gathering. Judy King did LOVE her social gatherings, and this was one of her favorites!

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
―    William Cullen Bryant


One thought on “Favorite Fall Things

  1. I believe your Mom gave you a wonderful plan to follow as your children grow up! May you enjoy sharing this season with your family…. Fall is my favorite season, too….So many good smells, sounds, & flavors.

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