Schedule Your Mammogram

“Instead of dwelling on all the things that you can’t do. . . figure out what you can do. What you will do.”      – Nancy Brinker, sister of Susan G Komen and founder of Komen foundation

The mammogram…. a necessary evil.   I remember my Mother telling me how much she was dreading her annual mammogram back in May of 1995.  I even remember her telling me she was going to cancel it.  I don’t know what made her keep that appointment, but I am so glad she did.  Her mammogram found a very small, yet cancerous, tumor.  We were all shocked and devastated.  She had a lumpectomy as well as 35 radiation treatments.  After that, she was cancer free for 14 years!

As we enter this season of early detection reminders, commercials,  pink ribbon everything, I am choosing to be thankful for my Mother’s early detection back in 1995.  It saved her life and gave us many more years together.

While I am sad there is not enough money going to research for metastasized (stage IV) breast cancer, I am thankful awareness is growing.  Susan G Komen is trying to give more attention to metastatic breast cancer this year.  Their ad for Stage IV breast cancer shows promise.  My prayer is that more money will go towards research for these patients. Once it has metastastasized (spread), it is stage IV.  There is no early detection for it.

Komen Stage IV ad that came out this month

Even though a mammogram would not have helped my Mother this time last year, her message would still be the same to me. . . SCHEDULE YOUR MAMMOGRAM.

I just had mine last week.  I drew strength from thinking of how beautifully my Mother handled her numerous appointments that were much more difficult than my 10 minute mammogram.

Race for the Cure is Saturday.  We still have room on our team!  Here is the link for more information.  Every little bit helps.

Here’s to pink ribbon season. . .


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