Wash Your Face

For Charlotte. . . the only little girl who loves lipstick more than I do.

My Mother had the most beautiful skin.  It was like silk.  I remember staring at it when she would sleep and wish mine could be just like it.  She was religious about washing her face.  Every night, she would say “I’m going upstairs to take my face off”, and I knew it was time for the day to end.

My Grandmother had the same perfect skin.  Clearly, she started Mother on the right path.  When I was 11, they both took me to Merle Norman for my first official make-up purchase. All I could think about was getting my hands on the lipstick.  All they cared about was cleanser and moisturizer.  Moisturizer.  My mother went through it like water.  I am certain that was another reason her skin was so perfect.

We did get the fun make up that day, but I learned there was a price to pay for being able to use the fun stuff.  That price was having the discipline to wash it off every night, even when I was tired and just wanted to go to sleep.  It’s just like every other lesson she taught me.  If you value something, take care of it.  Have the discipline to do it even when you don’t feel like it.  

I am definitely not the poster child for skin care like my Mother and Grandmother, but I am more faithful now than I ever have been.  Maybe it’s because every time I wash my face, I think of them.


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