Clean your sink.

To my Will and Charlotte,

Whenever you do read this post (and practice what it tells you) your future wife and husband will thank me for it.

Your Mother,  Daughter of Gigi – whose mantra was “don’t be lazy!”

Mom taught me how to clean starting at an early age. The two things she started with: sinks and toilets.

On cleaning sinks:

A clean sink consists of 2 things;  no dishes in the sink and all leftover junk from dirty dishes must be cleaned out of the sink. (This includes the faucet and all areas surrounding the sink).  Mom was definitely a fan of “wash as you go”.  The goal by bedtime, no dishes in the sink. Once the dishes were gone, the Comet came out.

Mom’s instructions for clean sinks:

  1. Sprinkle Comet in the sink.
  2. Scrub sink with damp dish towel (comet will take color out of dish towel – use white)
  3. Rinse sink well with warm water from sink sprayer.
  4. WINDEX – Mom hated the white residue left from the comet.  She sprayed Windex to remove any reside from Comet.
  5. The big finish. . . must not skip this step. . . DRY the sink with a paper towel or dry towel.

That’s it.  Super simple.

One more side note to Will and Charlotte. . .

There are a million ways to clean a sink.  This is what worked for Gigi, and it works for me.  Don’t stress too much about the comet cleaning part every day.  Definitely try to get those dishes out of the sink every day.  It just makes you feel better.  I promise.

We’ll save the toilet cleaning tricks for another post…. it involves getting on your hands and knees. Yuck. ( I’m pretty sure Gigi is NOT cleaning sinks and toilets in heaven, and for that, I am grateful.)


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