Small Town Love

“Home is not where you live but where they understand you”.  ~Christian Morgenstern

When I think of July 4th, I think about how much my Mother loved Easley.  She loved working for the City, and she loved so many things about our small town. She loved going downtown on the 4th to shop and socialize.

Downtown Easley on the 4th –
Mom loved this place. . .

Mom also loved coming to our house to cookout and spend time with all of us on the 4th. She loved seeing the children dressed in their red, white, and blue.  She loved watching them play outside until they were drenched in sweat. She loved making ice cream and sitting outside.  She loved taking the children to see fireworks when it was way past their bedtime. Of course we will do all of  this today and think of Mother the entire time.

Charlotte and Mother on July 4, 2009. I love that Charlotte’s eyes in this picture remind me so much of Mother.


2 thoughts on “Small Town Love

  1. Amy, you are just precious. No wonder your mother adored you so much. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories.

  2. Amy, as my grandmother would say……….Bless your little heart ! So many sweet memories you have ! Your mother did an outstanding job leading, guiding, teaching and directing you in the most important things in life. I have no doubt your mothers legacy will be passed down for generations to come. From experience, she will be missed……..daily….. of this..I am sure. Remember, Footprints in the Sand and know……this is so true !! Thank you for sharing your heart and your precious memories. Rex & Debbie Barnes

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